The Value Of a LEED Consultant

We are your advocate to protect you from a great deal of
contradicting information in the marketplace (we call it
greenwashing). Though even we can be fooled, there are
some obvious signs of misrepresentations that we have
learned to help protect you from spurious claims.

You will undoubtedly require the assistance of designers,
contractors, and subcontractors to complete or perform some
of the required work. Our familiarity with the industry and the
local market make us a valuable resource in assisting you in
the selection of competent contractors. As your advocate we
are also positioned to help assure that they perform their
tasks in accordance with the intent of the requirements.

We combine the synergies of the different LEED® credits
rather than approach each as a separate entity. Attempting
the requirements of a single credit is complex enough, but
combining multiple credits offers opportunities to minimize first
cost and provides access to multiple points. This is a juggling
act for experienced LEED® Accredited Professionals.

We have developed and tested LEED GB O+M plans and
policies to save you hundreds of development hours. These
plans and policies are the result of testing best practices on
multiple projects through the LEED review system. We know
they are successful strategies, and they will save countless
hours of research in developing your own custom plans.  

There are over one hundred best practices in GBOM.  We
have been exposed to a broad range of problems and
solutions through a variety of projects and associations.  We
help provide focus and direction with the best practices for
your operation to get to the intent of LEED.  

Most of your staff have other job responsibilities as their
primary focus. LEED is our primary focus. When your
production schedule heats up to the point that you need to
subcontract some of the project management, we have the
capacity to step in and perform that function to keep the
project on schedule. We prefer that you take the primary
initiative to ingrain GBOM in your operations, but we are ready
and able to supplement your workforce as needed.  

Our familiarity with the product and process will cut the time to
certify by at least half. The tools we have developed and the
experience we have to bear will facilitate the process and
make life easier for you. We understand what it takes to drive
a project to completion, and have implemented project
management protocols to facilitate a productive schedule.

You are expert in your field as we are in ours. The service we
provide is as technical and complex as what you provide your
clients. Competence in using GBOM requires at least three
years of immersion; mastery takes at least five years. We
know from experience that your organization will be better
served by having professional assistance on this journey.  

Eco Metrics has a diverse talent pool of associates from
around the nation that have contributed to the tools we have
developed. Our associates have years of design,
construction, facility management experience, and knowledge
of LEED. We constantly challenge the people around us to be
better than the status quo.