Completed Projects

The Sumac Grove
Lowell, MI                                          LEED Homes – Platinum 2012
Owner: Sam and Judy Pobst                                              2,421 SF     
Role: Designer, Builder

This home is designed as a retirement retreat for Sam and Judy
Pobst. The energy efficiency features are designed to make the
home energy independent or “Net Zero”.  This includes a super-
insulated building envelope, energy efficient appliances, equipment,
and solar orientation. The home uses no fossil fuels, and has a grid
tied photovoltaic collector designed to provide for all of its electrical
requirements during the year.

The site is a net zero stormwater discharge site, and rainwater is
harvested for irrigation.  All native plantings were used to reduce
irrigation requirements. The home is located within a quarter mile of
Vergennes Park, the Flat River, and The North Country Trail, the
nation’s longest hiking trail.

For more information on the home, visit the construction progress

Project Profile

Sam's Interview with Shelley Irwin on achieving LEED Homes Platinum

Construction Progress Videos

"The Greenest House in West Michigan" Article

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Cascade Engineering - The Learning Community
Kentwood, MI                                       LEED EB 2.1 – Platinum 2007
Owner: Cascade Engineering                                              3,075 SF
Role: LEED Consultant – Commissioning Agent

This building constructed in 1975 was ripe for an overhaul.
Cascade Engineering purchased the abandoned building to
become their new corporate office building and training
center. Originally intending to achieve certification in the EB
pilot program, we found that their existing practices made
them a candidate to achieve a significantly higher rating. This
project is a case study for the value of a Triple Bottom Line
corporate ethic. The Learning Community is the first LEED
Platinum building in Michigan.

CK Technologies
Mt. Airy, NC                                          LEED NC 2.2 – Certified 2008
Owner: CK Technologies                                                 110,000 SF
Role: LEED Consultant

This new manufacturing plant was constructed to house a new
paint line for truck parts in North Carolina. The building was the
first LEED building constructed in this economically challenged
region. LEED training was provided for all bidders on the
construction project, local municipal officials, and employees.
A Green Cleaning Policy was adopted as an Innovation Credit
to retain the indoor environmental quality built into the design.

The Grand Rapids Ballet
Grand Rapids, MI                                 LEED NC 2.1 – Certified 2008
Architect: Design Plus                                                        39,338 SF
Role: Commissioning Agent

An auditorium addition, to the existing offices and studios
expanded the capabilities of the organization.  A local
Philanthropic organization provides grants to non-profits for
capital improvement projects, provided they certify their
buildings using LEED guidelines.  The project features a
vegetated roof and photovoltaic panels.

Nottawaseppi Huron Band of Potawatomi Indians
Fulton, MI                                                  LEED NC 2.2 – Silver 2009
Architect: DLZ Architects                                                      7,775 SF
Role: LEED Consultant

The Tribe’s decision to certify their new Health Center using
LEED guidelines came late in the design phase.  Much of the
design substantially complied with the LEED requirements due
to the owner’s requirements, and the architect’s standard
design procedures.  A few minor adjustments to the plans were
made prior to bidding. The Tribe provided a pre-bid LEED
Seminar for bidding contractors to help demystify the LEED
requirements. The project features rainwater harvesting, and
stormwater filtration.

Hoekwater Family Dental
Byron Center, MI                                  LEED NC 2.2 – Certified 2009
Developer: First Companies                                                 9,981 SF
Role: LEED Consultant – Commissioning Agent

This dental office is sited on the Metro Health Campus south of
Grand Rapids. Metropolitan Hospital included deed restrictions
on all out-lots, requiring all new construction to be LEED
certified. The Hoekwater Family Dental Practice is now enjoying
their new building.

Cold Water Creek
Clinton Township, MI              LEED CI 1.0 (Retail Pilot) – Silver 2009
Contractor: Commercial Contractors, Inc.                             7,000 SF
Role: LEED Consultant

This pilot project of a new rating system by a major retailer
challenged everyone on the team to be at their best. This was
a first LEED project for many of the contractors on the job. We
provided training for site and office staff, project management
tools, onsite inspections, and prepared documentation for the
construction manager.

Nichols Paper and Supply
Spring Lake, MI                                 LEED EB O+M 2.2  – Gold 2010
Owner Nichols                                                                   114,221 SF
Role: LEED Consultant

Nichols is a wholesale distributor of cleaning materials, with
several offices throughout Michigan. This family owned business
has made a significant commitment to bringing green cleaning
technologies to this region, providing green cleaning materials
and training to contractors.  Nichols has demonstrated
leadership in environmental stewardship in their own building,
but also as community activists by providing grants to assist
other organizations to certify their buildings using LEED, or
advance other community sustainability initiatives.

Sam Corey Senior Center
Holt, MI                                                 LEED NC 2.2 – Certified 2009
Architect:  Keystone Design Group                                      5,750 SF
Role: LEED Consultant

Though not originally intended to be a LEED project the
building design required only a few minor revisions prior to
construction to align with the intent of LEED. Featuring a
geothermal heating and cooling system and a live roof, this
new building is the pride of Delhi Township.  Follow this
link for a virtual tour:
click here

The Hines Building
Muskegon, MI                                       LEED CS 2.0 – Certified 2010
Architect:  Hooker DeJong AE                                            31,955 SF
Role: LEED Consultant

The Hines building is the new home of the Muskegon Chamber
of Commerce. The LEED certification was funded in part by
contributions from Chamber Members looking to demonstrate
civic leadership for the region.  

Campau Square Plaza
Grand Rapids, MI                              LEED EB O+M 2.2 – Gold 2010
Owner: Campau Square Plaza LLC                                 210,118 SF
Role: LEED Consultant

This building is managed and occupied by CB Richard Ellis. It is
one of the premier buildings in their West Michigan portfolio and has
been superbly maintained by a capable management staff.  Though
the economy halted planned capital improvements, the certification
validated the exceptional building management.  This is the first
LEED EB O+M building in their inventory, and will serve as a template
for the rest of their buildings.

Bazzani Corporate Headquarters
Grand Rapids, MI                                      LEED NC 2.0 – Silver 2003
Owner: Bazzani Associates                                                 10,000 SF
Role: Director of Operations

This project provided the dual challenge as the first LEED
building certified in the city of Grand Rapids (2003), and
reconstruction under the US Department of the Interior
Guidelines Standards for Rehabilitation.  The building features
the first commercial vegetated roof in the city. This 10,000 ft2
building was designed to be so energy efficient that they don’t
make a furnace small enough to heat it.  Building Owner and
Developer Guy Bazzani demonstrated on this and many
subsequent projects that LEED can be done on small buildings.

East Hills Center of the Universe 2004
Grand Rapids, MI                               LEED CS 1.0 Pilot – Gold 2004
Developer: Bazzani Associates                                             7,260 SF
Role: Director of Operations

This 7,000 ft2 retail center slips snuggly into the existing fabric of
an older neighborhood.  Constructed as site condominiums on
a Brownfield site with leaking fuel tanks, the building has
become a cultural anchor for the neighborhood.  It is the first
zero stormwater discharge site developed in the State of
Michigan.  It was designed with a combination of a fully
vegetated roof, and one of the first raingardens in West
Michigan to capture all of the rainwater from the small quarter
acre site.  Insulated Concrete Form construction provides
structural support, insulation, acoustic performance and fire
rating between the suites.     

West Michigan Environmental Action Council
Grand Rapids, MI                                LEED CI 1.0 Pilot – Gold 2004
Contractor: Bazzani Associates                                            2,808 SF
Role: Director of Operations

WMEAC occupies two of the planned commercial spaces in
the “Center of the Universe”.  They have served as the
leading voice for environmental advocacy and education in
the West Michigan community for the last 40 years.  The acquisition
of this site provided them with greater access to their funding base,
higher visibility in the community, reduced
operating expenses, and much better working conditions for
their employees.  Their expertise in developing raingardens as
contaminant mitigation contributed to making this the first zero
net stormwater discharge site in the state.  LEED CI certification
of their space at the Gold level made this the first Double Gold
certified building in the

The Christman Building              
Lansing, MI                                  LEED EB O+M v3 – Platinum  2010
Owner:  The Christman Company                                      64,190 SF
Role:  LEED Consultant

The Christman Building has just added LEED® EB O+M Platinum to
its national headquarters in Lansing, MI, making it the first triple
Platinum building in the world.  Previously receiving Platinum ratings
for LEED Core and Shell, and LEED for Commercial Interiors.  

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the ca.1939
Building, located across the street from Michigan’s state Capitol, has
become an iconic example of sustainable “green” historic building
operating practices, often considered the highest form of sustainable
design and construction due to its reuse of an existing structure. It
was rehabilitated in 2008 by Christman.  
Christman LEED EB Case

General Dynamics Land Systems
Sterling Heights, MI                            LEED EB O+M  - Certified 2010
Owner: General Dynamics Land Systems
Role:  LEED Consultant

GDLS occupies a 450,000 sf building, of which about one third is
devoted to a prototype shop for the development and modification of
military hardware.  A large area of the office space is devoted to
engineering, making computing capacity a significant aspect of this
building.  An excellent Facilities Management team accustomed to
ISO 14000, and Six Sigma, was challenged in this LEED certification
effort by the varying energy requirements of the prototype shop.  
Significant savings were realized by implementing the Sustainable
Purchasing requirements.

The Felt Mansion
Saugatuck, MI                                     LEED EB O+M 2.2 – Gold 2011
Owner: Laketown Township                                                 17,000 SF
Role: LEED Consultant

This project is a historic restoration of the summer home of Mr. Dorr
Felt, inventor of the Comptometer adding machine.  Located on Lake
Michigan, across the lake from Chicago, this eight-bedroom cottage
served as the Felt family’s summer home.  Many features that define
good LEED practices are found in the design of this house including;
isolation from the fragile dune ecosystem, rainwater harvesting, wind
power, and wave powered alternative energy sources he invented in
the 1920's.  The objective of this LEED project is to develop and
publish a template for certification of other historic properties.  The
project is currently being restored to the US Department of the
Interior Standards for Historic Structures, to be used as a conference
and event facility.

Current Projects

Calhoun County Administration Building
Marshall, MI                                         LEED EB O+M 3.0 - Registered
Owner: Calhoun County                                                      93,300 SF
Role:  LEED Consultant

Calhoun County has begun energy retrofitting several buildings in
their building inventory.  The decision to pursue LEED for this
building came from the Facilities staff to the County Board to
demonstrate leadership in conservation of County resources to the

Health Plus of Michigan
Flint, MI                                              LEED EB O+M 3.0 – Phase One
Owner: Health Plus of Michigan                                        89,881 SF
Role: LEED Consultant

Health Plus is the single largest employer in Flint and feels a
responsibility to demonstrate leadership in the community.  We have
completed the audit and evaluation for the gap analysis, and have
made a recommendation to the budget committee for implementing
improvements for the next fiscal year.  

US Forest Service Administration Building  
Walker, MN                                                LEED NC 3.0 - Registered
Owner:  US Forest Service                                                   10,000 SF
Role: LEED Consultant

A new administration building currently in design for the north woods
of Minnesota.  This administration building will consolidate offices
from several different buildings, and provide greater energy
efficiency and durability for their operations.