Eco Metrics Continuing Education Courses

The LEED® Payoff
We present a study of 40 LEED buildings to determine if the
energy and water use measures required by LEED are
effective.  The 40 buildings represent all of the rating systems
except LEED ND.  The message of the importance of
measurement and verification is amplified by the presentation
of three EBOM case studies.  A coffee table book with a case
study of each building is available at

GBOM Budgeting, Estimating, and Financing 101
Operations of existing buildings provide a host of challenges
to evaluating options for maximizing your return on investment.
 LEED Green Buildings Operations and Maintenance
(GBO+M) provides a template to determine operational best
practices that optimizes building operating potential and the
operational potential of the occupants as well. If you are
planning a new LEED building, it is important to integrate
planning for LEED O+M into the design of the new building
and establish expectations of the building Owner to in order to
retain the efficiencies intended by the designers.

We present a systematic method of programming a GBO+M
project to meet your financial objectives. We will demonstrate
a gap analysis, budgeting tools, ROI calculations, risk
assessment, and financing structures, through LEED EB case
studies using a non-profit, a commercial office, a distribution
warehouse, and a multi-tenant office. At the conclusion, you
will have gained an understanding of the financial picture of
the first cost, a risk assessment, and a path toward
certification that informs the decision makers. When the static
number crunching is done, the fun part is including the
mission and goals of the client.

GB O+M Solid Waste Management
This course covers the LEED GB O+M Solid Waste credit
requirements. It provides the rationale on the importance of
the solid waste credits by reviewing the scale of solid waste
generation, the greenhouse gas implications, and how to
review the material flows in a facility.  Attendees will learn
specific credit requirements and program options to achieve
credit compliance. Ideal attendees would be facility managers
and business owners who are either considering LEED GB
O+M certification or wish to improve the material flows in their

Journey to Sustainability
This is a case study of a LEED Platinum home that attempted
to meet the Passive House energy standards.  We discuss the
challenges of Passive House and how it works with LEED.  
You will gain a clear understanding of the benefits and
differences of LEED and Passive House and how they coexist
to provide a superior building product.

The Sumac Grove
This seminar charts the journey from design through the start
of construction of a LEED Platinum home with aspirations to
build to the German Passive House energy standards.  
Though we elected not to certify under the Passive House
standard, the lessons learned in the process are of great
value.   To follow along with the construction progress, click on
the link below.